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A Professional Small Boy in Africa


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Motsome and the Hippopotamus

Motsome was another professional small boy, showing off.
We found a huge solitary old bull hippo in a pond. Motsome summoned him a bit closer, cranky old bull that he was.





You can see that the hippo crossed the pond half way, getting up a wake before he changed his mind. I think what did it was Motsome turning around and shaking his backside at the hippo in mid charge. I was laughing so hard that I missed the shot.

Motsome was the hardest working member of the crew, and also the funniest. His name is pronounced "Mott-soo-mee" as best I can phoneticize. He seemed to relish the fact that it meant "hunter" though another crew member said that Motsome was "the fixer." Either one was appropriate.