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A Professional Small Boy in Africa
Motsome and the Hippopotamus | The Seven Hour Kudu Followup: Kaas to the Rescue | The One Hour Buffalo Hunt | The Two Hour Red Lechwe Hunt | With the Youngs: Basie and Abraham in the Promised Land | Buffalo Heart | Impala | Botswana's Okavango: Cape Buffalo and Red Lechwe | Plains game from the Tuli Block | A Recap of the Six Critters Taken | Contact Me

Botswana Safari July-August 2001:  Ronald A. Berry

Thanks to my lovely wife, Elaine, for her help in posting these photos, and for tolerating this professional small boy for the one score and six years of our life together.

Thanks to John and Trish Wilson of Cordova, Alaska for suggesting Expeditions By Ron as the booking agent, and for allowing me to visit them in Cordova. Gracious hosts they were!

Expeditions By Ron,, was the booking agent. Thank you Ron and Barbara Young and all the friendly, helpful staff.

Tswana Safari's ( ) was the outfit I hunted with in the Tuli Block on the banks of the Limpopo River, the border between Botswana and RSA.

The owner/operators of this company are the gracious Roy and Charlotte Young, well experienced in the African Safari business, and by the way, the parents of my excellent young PH in the Okavango, Adam Young.

Tuli Block: Impala, greater kudu, warthog, and blue wildebeest (brindled gnu) were on the agenda there.

Then a drive back to Gabarone, an airline flight to Maun, and a bush plane charter to a camp in the Okavango, under the auspices of Africa Wild. Cape buffalo and red lechwe were the game there.

The weather was great, the accommodations luxurious, and the people were wonderful. A lot of fun all around, except for a few tsetse flies!

At the right is a professional small boy standing at a pool beside an island in the Limpopo River. There was one crocodile hanging out there, and a bushbuck had just run off as we approached.

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