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A Professional Small Boy in Africa


Motsome and the Hippopotamus | The Seven Hour Kudu Followup: Kaas to the Rescue | The One Hour Buffalo Hunt | The Two Hour Red Lechwe Hunt | With the Youngs: Basie and Abraham in the Promised Land | Buffalo Heart | Impala | Botswana's Okavango: Cape Buffalo and Red Lechwe | Plains game from the Tuli Block | A Recap of the Six Critters Taken | Contact Me
Botswana's Okavango: Cape Buffalo and Red Lechwe

This is where the 42" buffalo fell. Ernest is on the left, obscuring the view of the mighty Motsome, on the right. Motsome was a dynamic man. His name means "hunter" in Setswana. My digital camera batteries went dead soon after this, so the pictures of me posing with the buff went on slide film. Later I hope to add more pictures of the gang.

This buffalo came too easy. One shot through the heart at 75 yards off shooting sticks. It required one hour on the first day of buffalo hunting to get this one down on the ground.

The rifle was the 416 Rigby, in a Ruger 77 Magnum topped with a Leupold 1.5-5X scope.

The bullet was a a GS Custom 380 grain FN at a muzzle velocity of 2509 fps. You can't beat GS Custom for quality. It sailed right through heavy shoulder bone and pierced the top of the heart. A .416" caliber entrance wound and a bloody bigger hole going out the other side. The buffalo bucked once like a rodeo bull then spun 90 degrees and staggered forty yards before falling and giving the death bellow.

A beach house; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Left to right: Ernest, Motsome, cape buffalo. The bull was actually a big bodied one, the pose under the bush with the men in the foreground does not do him justice. Don't forget to check out the red lechwe below.

Dirt bike riders; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Boddington style pose with red lechwe, taken with Texas heart shot at 150 yards. The horns are a symmetrical 23" and he weighed close to 250 pounds on the hoof. His tail had been bitten off and a lion's claw marks scarred his back.
I was barefoot in this photo, having jumped out of the mekoro dugout to wade to an island to ambush him from.