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A Professional Small Boy in Africa


Motsome and the Hippopotamus | The Seven Hour Kudu Followup: Kaas to the Rescue | The One Hour Buffalo Hunt | The Two Hour Red Lechwe Hunt | With the Youngs: Basie and Abraham in the Promised Land | Buffalo Heart | Impala | Botswana's Okavango: Cape Buffalo and Red Lechwe | Plains game from the Tuli Block | A Recap of the Six Critters Taken | Contact Me
Buffalo Heart


Postmortem on the heart shot cape buffalo. See the hole in the left atrium? The exit wound out the right atrium was larger. GS Custom 380 grain .416 caliber FN at 2509 fps muzzle velocity. Range 75 yards. The bullet shattered the heaviest part of the shoulder, the humerus, before sailing on through in a straight line out the other side.